Asset management

Invalda INVL has been successfully managing its shareholders’ assets since 1991. We believe our team’s experience in M&A and business reorganisation, development and sales creates value. That's why we now manage other investors' assets in addition to those of our shareholders. Invalda INVL also has direct private equity investments.
The Invalda INVL group currently manages mutual and pension funds, alternative investments (private equity, private debt and real estate funds), individual portfolios and other financial instruments. Companies of the group engaged in asset management manage over 1.4 billion euros of assets entrusted to them by more than 250 thousand clients in Lithuania and Latvia as well as international investors.
After the completion in October 2015 of the merger of the Invalda INVL group companies INVL Asset Management, MP Pension Funds Baltic and INVL Fondai, now it is INVL Asset Management that operates in the market. Additionally, the financial brokerage firm INVL Finasta, operating since December 2015, provides wealth management services. INVL Farmland Management provides land administration services for INVL Baltic Farmland, a company that invests in agricultural land.

Invalda INVL’s asset management companies
Company Activity Licenses held

INVL Asset Management UAB (Lithuania)
Asset management License for a management company operating in accordance with the Republic of Lithuania Law on Collective Investment Undertakings. Licensed activities:

management of harmonized collective investment undertakings, real estate collective investment undertakings, private equity collective investment undertakings, collective investment undertakings investing in other collective investment undertakings, undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities, alternative collective investment undertakings, third-party portfolios of financial instruments, pension funds accumulating a portion of state social insurance contributions and supplementary voluntary accumulation pension funds; advice regarding investment and financial instruments; safekeeping and administration of the investment units or shares of collective investment undertakings, collective investment undertakings established in accordance with the Republic of Lithuania Law on Collective Investment Undertakings Intended for Informed Investors.

Licence of a management company, operating in accordance with the Republic of Lithuania Law on the Management Companies of Collective Investment Undertakings Intended for Professional Investors. Licensed activities:

Management of collective investment undertakings intended for professional investors, management of portfolios of financial instruments belonging to other persons, management of pension funds of supplementary voluntary pension accumulation, storage and management of investment undertakings investment units or shares, management of pension funds accumulating part of the state social insurance contributions, consulting on the issues of investments into financial instruments, reception and transmission of orders in financial instruments, management of occupational pension funds.

INVL Asset Management IPAS (Latvia)
Asset management Licence for managing the State-funded pension scheme assets
Licence for activities of alternative fund manager

Allowed core activities: management of the investments made into the fund; risk management.
Allowed non-core services: administrative management of the fund which comprises the following activities: management of the legal matters and accounting of the fund, provision of information on the request of the investors of the fund, determination of the value of the fund and of the investment unit (share) price, monitoring of the compliance with the regulatory requirements applicable to the operation of the fund, distribution of the profits of the fund, issuing and redemption of investment units (shares), settlement of contractual payments, maintaining of the accounting records in respect of the transactions related to the assets of the fund; maintaining the register of the investment unit (share) holders of the fund; marketing of investment units (shares); the necessary activities related to the management of the assets of the fund, which comprise the management of infrastructure and immovable property, advice on the capital structure, industry strategy and similar matters provided to companies, advice and services in respect of mergers and acquisitions as well as other activities related to the management of those funds, companies and other assets into which the manager has made investments.

Wealth management ’B’ category financial brokerage company license.
Licensed activities

reception, transmission and/or execution of orders on behalf of clients; management of financial instrument portfolios; provision of investment advice; placing of financial instruments without a firm commitment basis; safekeeping, accounting and administration of financial instruments on behalf of clients, including custodianship and other related services such as cash or collateral management; granting a credit or loan to an investor to allow him to carry out a transaction in one or more financial instruments where the entity granting the credit or loan is involved in the transaction; advice to undertakings on capital structure, business strategy and related matters, and advice and services relating to the reorganisation and acquisition of undertakings; foreign exchange services where these are connected to the provision of investment services; investment research, financial analysis or other forms of general recommendations relating to transactions in financial instruments; services related to underwriting; investment services, investment activities and ancillary services related to financial instruments, assets or other objects involving the derivatives indicated in subparagraphs 5, 6, 7 and 10 of paragraph 4 of article 3 of the Republic of Lithuania Law on Markets in Financial Instruments, under the condition that the investment services or ancillary services provided or the investment activities performed are related to these derivatives.
INVL Farmland Management UAB Management of agricultural investments  

UAB „Mundus“

(INVL Asset Management owns 51% of the shares)
Private debt management Permission for activity of the management company, acting in accordance with the Republic of Lithuania Law on Collective Investment Undertakings Intended for Informed Investors. Licensed activities:

Management of collective investment undertakings established under the Republic of Lithuania Law on Collective Investment Undertakings Intended for Informed Investors.


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