Working in the Lithuanian asset management market since 1991, we see professional and goal-oriented employees as a key condition for success. In building our team, we focus on people’s creativity, professionalism and positive thinking, and their desire and ability to effectively work, grow and maintain high ethical standards.
We heavily stress not just competitive employment terms and motivating staff, but also innovations and the adoption of best practices.
We focus on results. Our ambition is to accomplish more and better than is expected of us, so we value personal growth and encourage learning.
We believe employees who become stakeholders of the company and benefit from Invalda INVL’s growth are even more motivated to contribute to the success of the business, so we incentivise them with an option policy. Employees of companies in which the group owns more than half of shares have the chance to acquire Invalda INVL stock options.
Because Invalda INVL companies are active not just in traditional asset management but also in a variety of business areas, they offer broad opportunities to apply and expand one’s knowledge and professional experience.
The companies in the Invalda INVL group are constantly seeking business expansion opportunities. In this way they create investments in new markets and deal with the challenges of implementing new investment solutions in Lithuania.
We encourage initiative and are always looking for employees with ideas and the potential to bring them alive in relevant business areas.