Wealth management

The Invalda INVL group company FMĮ INVL Finasta has been providing investment services tailored to each client’s needs since late 2015 when it was licensed as a financial brokerage firm (FMĮ). The company took over provision of the wealth management services until then provided by Bankas Finasta
In delivering asset management services focused on the individual needs of the client, FMĮ INVL Finasta offers financial planning, investment portfolio management in Lithuania and abroad, and other wealth management services.
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All investments involve risk. Past investment results do not guarantee future results. If the return on investments previously was positive, it will not necessarily be so in the future since the value of investments can both rise and fall.

Before making a decision to invest, you should individually or with the help of investment consultants assess the investment‘s suitability to you, applicable fees and all investment-related risks. You should also carefully read the investment related descriptions, Rules, Prospectuses, Key Investor Information Documents and other relevant information.