Lithuanian INVL pension fund has been recognised as the best in the Central and Eastern Europe

This year, IPE Awards, the European pension funds awards, acknowledged INVL Mezzo II 53+ under management of Lithuanian company INVL Asset Management as the best pension fund in the Central and Eastern European Funds category.
IPE Awards is one of the key events in the European pension funds sector. This year, 459 applications from pension funds, working in 24 European countries, with the total controlled assets amounting to 2 trillion euros were submitted for 42 categories of the awards.
The INVL Mezzo II 53+ pension fund, which invests into shares and bonds, has been operating since the very start of existence of the pension system in the country, i.e. since 2004. According to the fund’slong-term results of five and ten years’ period, it became the first in the country’s low shareholding (up to 30 %) pension funds category by its average annual return (according to pension funds results for the three quarters of 2018 as made available by the Bank of Lithuania).
“Our biggest team of investment managers specialises in management of pension funds and other financial assets. The winners of these awards are selected according to the chosen strategy of the pension funds, with due attention to excellence and innovation, therefore, I am proud that the results achieved by our team were recognised on the international scale,” said Laura Križinauskienė, CEO at INVL Asset Management, one of the leading asset management enterprises in the country.
According to Vaidotas Rūkas, the Chief Investment Officer at INVL Asset Management,the management of the INVL Mezzo II 53+ fund is aimed at the balanced growth in various market situations. “While investing, we are actively looking for effective investment ideas and we also strive to exploit the potential of the local market, where the fund management possesses the extensive experience,” said Mr. Rūkas.
Up to 30 per cent of the fund assets are investedinto company shares and related investments, while at least 70 per cent – into government and corporate bonds, and bank deposits. At the end of November of this year, the assets managed by INVL Mezzo II 53+ amounted to 20.6 million euros, with 4,800 participants.
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INVL Asset Management has been managing pension funds since 2004. The company is currently managing four 2nd pillar and five 3rd pillar pension funds. As demonstrated by the data for the first three quarters of 2018 made available by the Bank of Lithuania, according to the earned average annual returns, the INVL pension fund results of the past 5 years were the best in the majority of the country's pension fund categories, while the results of the past 10 years were the best in all categories (not including the life-cycle funds operating up until recently).
At the end of November 2018, 132,500 participants held their savings in the INVL 2nd pillar funds, with 10,200 participants in the 3rd pillar fund system, while the pension fund assets managed by the company amounted to 369.6 million euros in the 2nd pillar and 25.1 million euros in the 3rd pillar.
INVL Asset Management, a member of Invalda INVL Group, manages pension and investment funds, alternative investments and individual portfolios. More than 190,000 customers in Lithuania and Latvia, as well as foreign investors, entrusted management of 650 million euro worth assets to the companies of Invalda INVL Group.

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