With a remarkable private equity team, we successfully manage products that vary both in size, as well as in the region and specifics of the investee companies. Most of the investments are directed to the Baltic region, but we also invest beyond it.

Our main product is INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund, the largest private equity fund in the Baltic States with the European Investment Fund (EIF) as the main investor.

  • Size: €165 million;
  • The fund focuses on investment in the Baltic States and neighbouring regions such as Poland, Scandinavia and Central Europe;
  • The fund’s mandate covers investment across the European Union.

Target investments include:

  • the size of investment in a company – €10–30 million (with a lower consolidation potential, lower initial investment is also possible);
  • majority or significant minority stakes;
  • companies with high growth potential and the ability to operate in the face of increasing global competition.

Another company in our private equity portfolio is INVL Technology, a closed-end investment company listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

  • Start of operation: 14/07/2016;
  • Term: 10 years (+2 years);
  • Capitalisation as at 30/06/2023: €24 million;
  • INVL Technology’s Articles of Association allow the company to invest in European Economic Area, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries and Israel. The portfolio companies implement projects in: Northern and Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South and Southeast Asia.

Target investments include:

  • IT companies catering to large corporations and public-sector clients;
  • improvement of the business climate, e-governance, IT services and programming;
  • cybersecurity.

INVL Special Opportunities Fund has indirectly invested in the stock of Moldova-Agroindbank (MAIB), the largest bank in Moldova.

  • Fund size: €4.5 million
  • Start of operation: 2018, term – 10 years
  • Investment in the shares of Moldova-Agroindbank (maib).
  • The aim is to transform MAIB into a leader in new standard banking services, focusing on digitization and innovation and strengthening the retail banking segment.



Since its incorporation in 1991, Invalda INVL, in collaboration with both foreign private equity funds and local entrepreneurs, has completed numerous acquisitions, sales and capital-raising transactions with a total value of over €2 billion.