I have bought Invalda shares with vouchers and I still have not sold them. How come the number of the shares has changed?

The shares were indexed on 30 April 1992 and 15 October 1996; therefore, the number of shares for all shareholders was increased four times during each indexation.

In 2013 and 2014, Invalda (currently Invalda INVL) carried out two reorganisations.

  • Part of the assets was split off in May 2013 and a new company Invalda privatus kapitalas was established. After the split-off, the remaining company Invalda changed its name to Invalda LT and then to Invalda INVL in April 2015. Notice of the approved split-off terms is available here and information on the distribution of assets can be found here. On 31 May 2013, Invalda shareholders had their stock reduced by 45.45 % and instead received the same number of shares in Invalda privatus kapitalas, not listed on the NASDAQ Vilnius Stock Exchange. For example, after the split-off, a shareholder holding 10,000 shares in Invalda owned 5,455 shares in Invalda LT and 4,545 shares in Invalda privatus kapitalas.
  • In 2014, to redesign its business model according to classic asset management principles and to focus on asset management activities as the main source of revenue, Invalda INVL split-off the companies INVL Baltic Farmland, INVL Baltic Real Estate and INVL Technology. Documents related to the terms of the split-off from Invalda LT AB: Notification on the drawn-up terms of split-off of the public joint stock company Invalda LT; Split-off of Invalda LT AB is completed.
  • Following these reorganisations, now you have shares in five companies instead of shares in the former Invalda: Invalda INVL, INVL Baltic Real Estate, INVL Technology, INVL Baltic Farmland and Invalda privatus kapitalas.

My address/last name/account number has changed. Who should I notify of these changes?

You should inform Šiaulių bankas about any changes in your personal data (changes in your address, surname, account number) – it handles all the data of our shareholders.

You can do this in one of the following ways:

  • by visiting the nearest branch of Šiaulių bankas;
  • by sending a request to change your data in the register of shareholders by post (in case of a change of your surname, please attach a copy of the supporting document). Please address the request to: AB Šiaulių bankas, VP apskaitos skyrius, Šeimyniškių g. 1A, 09312 Vilnius.

Why I don’t get any dividends?

The decision on the distribution of dividends is made by the general meeting of shareholders held within the first four months of the year. If it is decided to pay dividends, they are paid to all shareholders who have indicated their account numbers within one month. If you have not received dividends, please contact Šiaulių bankas, which is authorised to pay dividends to Invalda INVL, and specify your account number.

How can I buy or sell Invalda INVL shares?

You can buy and/or sell shares on the stock exchange at any time. For this, you need to contact a financial brokerage firm or a branch. If you are married, to sell shares, you need the consent of your spouse. Also, before selling shares, we recommend that you learn more about the taxation of income from the sale of shares.

What is the share price of Invalda INVL?

The share price can change on a daily basis. You can follow it on our company’s website at or on the website of the stock exchange at

Why is it not possible to find out how many shares I have by phone or email?

The personal data of each shareholder is confidential. It is not possible to identify a person by phone or email; therefore, confidential information is not provided.

What should I do to settle the inheritance of Invalda INVL shares?

When a notary public opens your inheritance case, he/she or you must apply to Šiauliai bankas, which manages the accounting of Invalda INVL shares, with a document issued by the notary public. It will issue a securities portfolio statement and a certificate of unpaid dividends, if any. Later, after the notary public has issued the certificate of the right of inheritance, you have to produce this document to Šiaulių bankas so that it could make entries in the securities accounts and rewrite the shares to the successor.