The services of INVL Family Office are a joint effort of professionals in diverse fields, dedicated to the supervision and management of financial assets, individualized according to the needs of the family. We maintain an open investment architecture: we constantly research the market and looking for the best investment products and services, not limited to managers, asset classes or geography. Our goal is to understand how each client sees their well-being, to help create and implement an action plan to achieve the set goals and take into account the individual life situation.

Family governance: Family constitutions, assemblies, and inheritance planning

We are among the first in Lithuania to have worked with clients to prepare a Family Constitution – an agreement that defines family members’ rights and duties in managing the family’s assets and sets a direction for the family’s development. With that knowledge and experience, we can thus help form traditions of investment creation, management, and inheritance in your family circle. We are also ready to explain global practices to you and help put safeguards in place to ensure the continuity of the work that has been begun.

We seek out suitable approaches after first discussing your current situation, plans, and expectations. If needed, we bring in legal and tax planning partners and foreign financial institutions. In that way we prepare and agree on an individual strategy with the continual support of a team of professionals who follow best practices.

Financial planning

Drawing on deep knowledge of a client’s current situation, plans, and expectations, we craft a thorough financial plan for their entire life and even for coming generations, also covering the management of risk. Based on that plan, we prepare a personal investment strategy and tactical solutions to help carry it out.

The financial plan is regularly reviewed and, if needed, adjusted

Discretionary management of portfolios of financial instruments. We responsibly watch over the assets that investors entrust to us. Knowing our clients’ needs and goals, we make everyday decisions and regularly notify clients about market changes.

Analysis and selection of third-party products and services

We do not limit ourselves to standard products and services (pension funds, mutual funds, portfolio management), complex solutions (real estate and alternative investment funds), or exclusive private offerings of shares and bonds. We can offer the third-party products that open up broader opportunities and meet clients’ varied needs.

Analysis and selection of tax and legal services

We know that investment decisions are inseparably linked to tax and legal planning. We work with several partners who specialise in different areas. Since each client’s situation is unique, we will help you find the best approach and the best way to put it into practice.

Consolidation of investment accounts

Watching over clients’ investment assets we strive to see the big picture. Thus, clients not only make better investment decisions but also ensure professional risk management for their assets.