In the real assets segment, we specialise in the management and development of renewable energy, real estate, agricultural land and forests. Successful results are achieved not only through our extensive experience (Invalda INVL Group has been investing in this asset class since the beginning of its operations), but also with the help of our motivated and ambitious team that keeps pace with global market trends.

INVL Sustainable Timberland and Farmland Fund II – Capital Fund (sub-fund) invests in the INVL Sustainable Timberland and Farmland Fund II (Fund) in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

  • Start of operation: October 2020;
  • 90.7 million EUR equity raised as of the end of October 2023;
  • Target size: €100 million;
  • Maximum size: €200 million;
  • Term: unlimited;
  • Initial investments are made in the Baltic States.
  • Later, the existing portfolio is expected to expand to the EU Member States in Eastern Europe.The fund aims to create long-term, top-quality forest and agricultural land portfolios and to manage them to the highest standards of sustainable forestry and farming.

INVL Renewable Energy Fund I

  • Start of operation: July 2021;
  • 65.9 million EUR equity raised as of the end of October 2023;
  • Target size: EUR 60 million, maximum size: EUR 100 million;
  • Target return: 11 %;
  • The fund will invest in green field and brown field renewable energy (solar, wind) projects, which will include the construction of new power plants, the acquisition of existing power plants, the development and/or acquisition of infrastructure necessary for the operation of power plants, and the efficient management of existing power plants in the European Union, the United Kingdom and the Member States of the European Economic Area.

Real estate

  • INVL Baltic Real Estate is listed on the Nasdaq Vilnius Stock Exchange;
  • Capitalisation as at 30/06/2023: €16.9 million;
  • Total amount paid in the form of dividends and share buy-backs: €27.5 million;
  • Commercial real estate in the Baltic States;
  • The portfolio includes office, warehousing and production real estate objects in Lithuania and Latvia. All facilities provide rental income and almost all of them have potential for further development.

INVL Baltic Forests Fund I

  • Start of operation: February 2017. End of operation: June 2022;
  • Raised funds: €15 million;
  • Invested in forests in the Baltic States, especially in Lithuania, which are suited to forestry activities;
  • After selling 4.3 thousand hectares of forest in Lithuania in December 2019, the average IRR of the fund exceeded 25%. In December 2021, the fund sold the remaining forest portfolio of 1.3 thousand ha of forest in Lithuania for €7.5 million.
  • The fund  ended its activities with an average IRR of 27.3%.