We have an open architecture policy, and we invest our clients’ funds in third-party products through feeder funds:

  • The size of INVL Baltic Sea Growth Capital Fund is €60.3 million. The raised funds were invested in INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund, the largest private equity fund in the Baltic States.
  • Assets  of INVL Partner Private Equity Fund I are invested in EQT X, a €20 billion target fund established by EQT, one of the world’s largest private equity investment companies. The Sub-fund’s main investment strategy is to invest primarily in European and US health care, technology and business services sector companies.
  • INVL Partner Global Infrastructure Fund I invests in a fund of infrastructure assets established by a fund manager of global stature which has been in operation for 26 years. The strategy of investing in infrastructure assets is based on very long-term investment and high-quality core infrastructure in member states of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
  • The INVL Partner Energy and Infrastructure Fund is not publicly distributed. Investors’ funds concentrated in infrastructure are invested in the Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Fund managed by Lords LB Asset Management, which has been operating since 2017.
  • INVL Partner Global Distressed Fund I invests in a distressed debt fund established by a world-class manager.
  • INVL Partner Global Real Estate Fund I is a fund for informed investors that invests in funds managed by some of the world’s largest and most experienced real estate managers.