AB Invalda INVL’s number of shareholders exceeds 3,800.

Shareholders who hold or control more than 5% of the share capital and/or voting rights of AB Invalda INVL as of 31 December 2023:

Shareholder name and surname or company name Number of shares owned Owned share capital and votes, % Indirectly held votes3, % Total votes of the shareholders group, %
LJB Investments UAB1 3,098,196 25.32 60.31 85.63
Alvydas Banys 910,875 7.45 78.18
Irena Ona Mišeikienė 3,048,161 24.91 60.72
Indrė Mišeikytė 236,867 1.94 83.69
Lucrum Investicija UAB2 3,181,702 26.01 59.62
Darius Šulnis 0 0 85.63
  1. A company cotrolled by Alvydas Banys.
  2. A company controlled by Darius Šulnis.
  3. Invalda INVL shareholders Alvydas Banys, UAB LJB Investments, Irena Ona Mieikeikiene, Indrė Mišeikytė, Darius Sulnis and UAB Lucrum Investicija have signed an Agreement with the purpose of agreeing on the long-term management policy of Invalda INVL. Therefore, in accordance with Article 16, Section 1, Point 2 of the Securities Law, their votes are counted together. Given that the said Agreement does not contain any provisions on the direct use of voting rights of the parties of the Agreement in other companies affiliated with Invalda INVL, their votes are counted together only at the level of the issuer, i.e. only in Invalda INVL.