We have been managing pension funds in Latvia since 2002, and in Lithuania since 2004. Client assets are taken care of by investment professionals with more than 10 years of experience and international recognition – one of the largest and most experienced teams in the region.

We are exclusively engaged in investing, so we pay special attention to pension funds. The accumulated experience allows us to offer clients the best retirement savings solutions.

Invalda INVL Group not only aims to help people to ensure their own and their relatives’ financial well-being, but also contributes to the social responsibility of employers  offering solutions that help organisations to ensure the long-term motivation and financial security of their employees. INVL pension funds are an effective tool for motivating employees, which has already been chosen by 900 companies.



INVL pension funds in Lithuania

2nd pillar pension funds are managed in line with a life-cycle strategy. It is easy to accumulate in a pension fund because it is automatically selected based on your age. 18 years before your retirement, life-cycle funds begin to lower risk by reducing the proportion of shares and increasing the proportion of bonds in the fund.

Participants accumulate in pension funds showing dates of birth. There is also an INVL Pension Asset Preservation Fund for people of retirement age.

Performance of 2nd pillar pension funds:

INVL pension funds in Latvia

In order to obtain an optimal return on investment, a 2nd pillar pension fund must be selected according to the age of each. Younger people are advised to choose funds that invest more in equities, while older pension fund participants are advised to choose those with a higher share of bonds and a smaller share of shares. Thus, at a certain age, the pension fund should be changed to a less risky one.

You can choose one of 4 tier II pension funds.

Performance of 2nd pillar pension funds:


Accumulation in 3rd pillar pension funds

3rd pillar pension funds are an attractive option if you want to accumulate independently. Both you and your family members or employer can pay contributions to this fund.

Choose INVL 3rd pillar funds!

According to the data of the Bank of Lithuania for the second quarter of 2021, INVL 3rd pillar pension funds were among the leaders in terms of the average annual return in the last 5 years in in 4 of the 5 pension fund categories.


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