We strive to make Invalda INVL Group the first and best customer choice when thinking about long-term savings and personal finance management. Therefore, in 2021, we entered the life insurance business to offer our customers more solutions that ensure their financial security and well-being.



The 2010s

The company continued its successful investments in pharmaceuticals, road infrastructure, furniture manufacturing, real estate, building maintenance, IT and other areas.

To have an efficient and clear business model for investors, the company underwent restructuring – in 2014 it separated and refined its operations and started operating as a structured asset management group. This gave investors more choices, liquidity, risk segregation, transparency and the opportunity to be part of regional growth and development.

The assets managed by the group companies in 2019 exceeded €1 billion.


The 2000s

The company grew along with the country. Significant increase in equity (the company was the owner and shareholder of many companies and businesses, as well as the owner of buildings), investments in finance, real estate, pharmaceuticals, hotel management, manufacturing and services in Lithuania and surrounding markets, the company’s structure and complexity required change. The group companies were restructured to create independent and clearly defined sectors.

Invalda INVL was one of the leading investment companies that had an impact on people’s well-being, business development and the strengthening of the country’s economy. The company invested in companies in Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia and other countries, made real estate investments, carried out private equity transactions and supervised the activities of the companies under its control.

The 1990s

At the dawn of the restoration of Lithuania’s independence, a group of like-minded people, most of whom were in academia, agreed that it was the right time to take the initiative and set up an investment company that would create value and contribute to the country’s economy. At that time, the first several thousands of people invested their investment cheques into Invalda INVL and benefited from the company’s growth. Some of them are still shareholders of the company.

The company has been listed on the stock exchange since 1995. Since then, the share price of Invalda INVL has increased more than 150 times.