On the assets of Invalda LT, AB

On May 31, 2013 the amended Articles of Association of the public joint – stock company INVALDA were registered in the Register of Legal Entities. The amended Articles of Association state a new name of the company – public joint - stock company Invalda LT as well as its reduced authorized capital. Also, a new legal entity – public joint – stock company Invalda Privatus Kapitalas was registered. Taking into account the split – of terms, 45.447849 percent of equity, assets and liabilities of the public joint – stock company INVALDA is under transfer to the newly established Invalda Privatus Kapitalas.
Information on the assets of Invalda LT, AB: the main activity of Invalda LT, AB currently is concentrated in the following sectors: furniture manufacturing (Vilniaus baldai, AB), agricultural (Litagra, UAB), real estate (Invaldos Nekilnojamojo Turto Fondas, AB), IT (BAIP group, UAB) and facility management.  
After the split-off Invalda LT, AB holds 39.35 percent of shares in the largest Lithuanian furniture manufacturing company Vilniaus Baldai, AB. The shares in Vilniaus Baldai, AB are listed on NASDAQ OMX Vilnius Stock Exchange.  
Invalda LT, AB holds 54.55 percent of shares in Cedus Invest, UAB, controlling 36.9 percent shares of Litagra, UAB, one of the largest agricultural companies in the Baltic region, thus the effective part of Invalda LT, AB shares in Litagra, UAB amounts to 20.1 percent. In 2012 turnover of Litagra, UAB was 429.2 million litas (€ 124.3 million), EBITDA – 39.8 million litas (€ 11.5 million), the net profit amounted to 20.4 million litas (€ 5.9 million).
The total value of equity capital of the real estate sector together with the amount of loans granted to the companies of this sector  amounts to 78 million litas (€ 22.6 million) on March 31, 2013. Invaldos nekilnojamojo turto fondas, AB and other smaller companies administrate commercial real estate objects of Invalda LT, AB. In total 48.5 thousand square meters of space in Vilnius and Kaunas estimated at 144.2 million litas (€ 41.8 million) are administrated by the real estate sector companies controlled by Invalda LT, AB.
Invalda LT, AB group companies in the real estate sector hold also 2.8 thousand hectares of agricultural land, which is estimated at 23.2 million litas(€ 6.7 million).
Invalda LT, AB holds 80 percent of shares in the IT company BAIP Group, UAB and through the subsidiary of this company Norway Registers Development, AS, Invalda LT, AB operates in the international IT market.
In the facility management sector Invalda LT, AB controls the companies Inreal Pastatu Prieziura, UAB, Priemiestis, UAB, Jurita, UAB as well as Naujosios Vilnios Turgaviete, UAB.
The company Kelio Zenklai, UAB is controlled by Invalda LT, AB as well.
Other assets,  minus liabilities, in total amount of 32 million litas (€ 9.3 million), were allocated to Invalda LT, AB during the split – off process.
Provided numbers are tentative and may change slightly. .

Presentation of Invalda LT, AB and simplifiel structure of sectors managed by Invalda LT, AB.


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