Investment group Investments included Consolidated value of owned investments 30.06.2023, EUR million Consolidated profit (loss) from the investment before the impact of income tax, EUR million during 6M 2023
Investment management business (operational part), investment into life insurance business and investments in collective investment undertakings managed by INVL Includes value and result from the management of money entrusted by clients, change in value of investment in life insurance business and INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund, INVL Sustainable Timberland and Farmland Fund II, INVL Renewable Energy Fund I, INVL Baltic Real Estate, INVL Technology, other products of INVL 52.82 (1.57)
Investments into banking sector AB Šiaulių bankas*,
Moldova-Agroindbank (maib)
58.25 1.99
Historical investments UAB Litagra,
AB Vernitas,
UAB Kelio ženklai (loan)
21.05 (1.75)

*The positive or negative value of the forward (future acquisition from the EBRD) is included