Consolidated net profit attributable to Invalda AB – LTL 74.24 million

Part of consolidated net profit attributable to Invalda AB by preliminary results reaches LTL 74.24 million; at the same time in 2006 it was  LTL 65.53 million. Total unaudited net profit of Invalda group companies for the year 2007 was LTL 82.87 million (LTL 75.55 million in 2006).

Net profit of Invalda for the year 2007 reaches LTL 80.7 million (LTL 28.8 million in 2006).

According to the president of Invalda Darius Sulnis, despite complicated situation as well in the world’s, as in the Lithuania’s financial markets, Invalda group accomplished set tasks and reached planned goals. “The net consolidated profit is the best result in Invalda’s history. Investments’ separation through sectors and countries let us achieve planned result, aside of negative world tendencies and unstability in stock and real estate markets”, – D.Sulnis said.

Invalda intends to retain yearly growth of results. Forecasting that in 2008, based on the confirmed prognosis, part of consolidated net profit attributable to Invalda AB should amount to LTL 93.3 million.

More detailed information about sectors results Invalda will present in the middle of April, when audited results will be available.