Invalda INVL signed stock option agreements with employees

Invalda INVL, the leading Baltic asset management group, signed stock option agreements with employees regarding the acquisition of 24,372 shares of the company in the future.

Under the stock option agreements signed this year, employees of Invalda INVL and group companies in which it owns more than 50% of shares will have the right in 2027 to acquire shares of Invalda INVL with a nominal value of EUR 0.29 at the fixed price of 1 euro per share. If dividends are paid during the three-year period, the price per share would be correspondingly lower.

“We are consistently maintaining the practice of giving employees favourable opportunities to acquire stock options and become shareholders of the company. The growth of our business is closely linked to our employees’ professionalism and motivation, and the incentive of options creates mutual long-term benefits for pursuing common goals,” says Alvydas Banys, the Chairman of the Board of Invalda INVL.

The acquisition procedure and price for the stock options were approved at the meeting of shareholders of Invalda INVL held on 30 April this year.

Since 2016 and including the agreements signed this year that specify the number of shares, employees of the company and group have entered into stock option agreements for a total of 767,642 shares of Invalda INVL.

About Invalda INVL

Invalda INVL is the leading Baltic asset management group with a track record spanning over 30 years. Growing and developing with an open approach, it creates well-being for people through its work. The group’s companies manage EUR 1 billion of assets across multiple asset classes including private equity, forests and agricultural land, renewable energy, real estate as well as private debt. The group’s scope of activities also includes family office services in Lithuania and Latvia, management of pension funds in Latvia, and investments in global third-party funds.

The shares of Invalda INVL have been traded on the Nasdaq Vilnius stock exchange since 1995. Further information: .