Invalda INVL’s shareholders approve employee stock options

Employees of Invalda INVL and its group companies will be able to exercise previously granted stock options and sign agreements to acquire new stock options, a meeting of Invalda INVL shareholders held on 30 April decided.

Stock options granted to employees of Invalda INVL and its group companies in 2020 will be exercised this year. For that purpose, new shares will be issued and the share capital of Invalda INVL will increase by their nominal value. Employees of the company and the group will be able to enter into new option agreements this year regarding the acquisition of shares of Invalda INVL in 2026. The company’s shareholders approved the procedure and price for the acquisition of shares.

“For several years we have given employees the opportunity to become shareholders of the company. This practice offers mutual benefits for Invalda INVL and its team, encouraging the pursuit of shared goals and top performance,” says Alvydas Banys, the Chairman of the Board of Invalda INVL.

Shareholders on 30 April also approved the company’s financial statements for 2022 and procedures and terms for the acquisition of own shares. A reserve of EUR 9.89 million previously formed by Invalda INVL would be used for own-share purchases.

Invalda INVL’s equity at the end of 2022 was EUR 130.8 million, or EUR 11.07 per share. Those figures were 14.24% and 13.53% larger, respectively, than a year earlier (also accounting for the EUR 7.7 million of dividends paid out to shareholders). Thanks to growth in the value of investments in the final quarter of the year, Invalda INVL’s activities last year were profitable – a net profit of EUR 16.67 million was recorded.

INVL group companies’ client assets under management as of 31 December 2022 amounted to EUR 1.9 billion and were 18.3% larger than a year earlier (when the total was EUR 1.6 billion). The number of clients entrusting their funds to the Invalda INVL group increased 16.6% in the year to 303,900.

About Invalda INVL

Invalda INVL is a leading Baltic investment management and life insurance group. Growing and developing with an open approach, it creates well-being for people through its work. The group’s companies operate across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and serve over 300,000 private and institutional clients from the Baltic region and abroad. Those clients have entrusted the Invalda INVL group with the management of more than EUR 1.9 billion of assets in a variety of asset classes including pension funds, mutual funds and life insurance commitments as well as individual portfolios, private equity and other alternative investment activities. 

The shares of Invalda INVL have been traded on the Nasdaq Vilnius stock exchange since 1995. Invalda INVL’s equity at the end of 2022 was EUR 130.8 million.