Invalda INVL entered employee stock option agreements

Invalda INVL has signed option contracts with employees of companies in which Invalda INVL owns 50 per cent or more of the shares regarding 24,372 ordinary registered shares of Invalda INVL, in accordance with the rules for Granting Equity Incentives and in accordance with the resolution of the Annual General Meeting held on 30 April 2024. In 2027, in accordance with the procedures and conditions set out in the option contracts, employees may exercise the right to acquire the above number of Invalda INVL registered ordinary shares with a nominal value of EUR 0.29 by paying EUR 1 (one) for each share acquired.

Since 2016 and including the agreements signed this year that specify the number of shares, employees of the company and group have entered into stock option agreements for a total of 767,642 shares of Invalda INVL.

The person authorised to provide additional information:
Darius Šulnis
CEO of Invalda INVL
E-mail[email protected]