INVL Technology

  INVL Technology, a company that invests in information technology businesses, was established at the start of 2015 through the merger of the asset management and IT firms AB INVL Technology and AB BAIP Group.

The new company assumed all the rights and obligations of the terminated AB INVL Technology (a company established in 2014 in a split-off from the asset management group Invalda INVL) and combined the two merged companies’ competencies, accumulated experience, intellectual capital, links to science and other value creation practices. The company’s shares have traded on the NASDAQ Vilnius exchange since 4 June 2014.
On 14 July 2016, INVL Technology obtained a closed-end investment company (UTIB) license from the Bank of Lithuania. As per its Articles of Association, UTIB INVL Technology will operate until 14 July 2026, with extension possible for a further two years. Upon its receipt of UTIB status, INVL Technology’s management was assumed by INVL Asset Management, part of the Invalda INVL asset management group.
INVL Technology operates as a cluster of IT businesses focused on sales to large corporate and public sector clients with four main areas of activity: business climate improvement and e-governance, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and solutions for IT intensive industries.
INVL Technology seeks to increase the value of the businesses it owns by providing them with financial and intellectual capital and management support for growth and additional acquisitions, and also by helping them globalise operations through sales channels in East Africa and Southeast Asia.
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