Established in 1991, Invalda INVL together with local and international investment partners has completed numerous M&A deals and capital-raising transactions worth more than 1.4 billion euros altogether.
The group is recognized for having contributed significantly to the development of the local capital market. The shares of Invalda INVL have traded on the Nasdaq Baltic Market since 1995. Those of INVL Technology, INVL Baltic Farmland, and INVL Baltic Real Estate have traded on the exchange since 2014.
In 2014, Invalda INVL acquired MP Pension Funds Baltic and Finasta Asset Management in Lithuania and Latvia, all of which were active in the management of pension accumulation funds. The latter also offered mutual fund and private portfolio management services. After the completion in October 2015 of the merger of INVL Asset Management, MP Pension Funds Baltic and INVL Fondai, INVL Asset Management now operates in the market as one of Lithuania’s leading asset management companies.