By investing in assets it manages, Invalda INVL takes on the same risks as other investors and receives the same benefits.
Details of the company’s holdings are available here.

Area Company Activity Stake, %
Investments into Baltic Sea region companies The largest private equity investment fund in the Baltic countries.
The fund completed a first closing at EUR 106 mln on February 2019.
The fund’s target size is EUR 200 million.
The fund seeks to form a diversified portfolio of Baltic Sea region companies and  focuses on growth capital, buyout, and "buy and build" investments.
Investments in information technology businesses >300 employees at group companies
>200 clients served each year
>50 countries where projects implemented
EUR 28.1 mln preliminary equity capital for 2018, EUR 2.31 equity capital per share.
Closed-ended investment company licence obtained on 14.07.2016, management transferred to INVL Asset Management
Listed on the Nasdaq Vilnius exchange
Investments in real estate INVL Baltic Real Estate EUR 58.3 mln investment assets value
EUR 35.3 mln consolidated preliminary equity capital for 2018.
Closed-ended investment company licence obtained on 22.12.2016, management transferred to INVL Asset Management
Listed on the Nasdaq Vilnius exchange
Investments in agricultural land INVL Baltic Farmland&ld >3000 ha farmland
460 plots in Lithuania’s most product regions
6.5 ha average plot size
46.2 average productivity index of plots
~140 tenants
Listed on the Nasdaq Vilnius exchange
EUR 11.3 mln capitalization (31.12.2018)
25 years of agriculture sector experience
Litagra concentrates on agriculture - the cultivation of grain, milk and feed production.
Banking >70 bank branches
>20 years of banking sector experience
Listed on the Nasdaq Vilnius exchange
Facility management

2 mln sq. m. of premises managed
about 300 certified professionals
8 Lithuanian cities where services are provided
Other areas

>80 employees
35 years of road sign production experience
100% equity stake held by Invalda INVL
Updated as of 15 March 2019.


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