Split-off in 2013

After a reorganisation of Invalda in May 2013, its operations were continued by two companies. A part of the assets were split-off to form the new company Invalda Privatus Kapitalas. The company Invalda, which continued after the split-off, changed its name first to Invalda LT and then, in April 2015, to Invalda INVL.
The announcement of the approved terms of the split-off is available here ,while details of the division of assets can be found here .
On 31 May 2013, the number of Invalda shares held by Invalda’s shareholders’ was reduced by 45.45 per cent and they were granted an equal number of Invalda Privatus Kapitalas shares, which are not listed on the Nasdaq Vilnius exchange. Thus, for example, a shareholder with 10 000 Invalda shares before the split-off, after the split-off held 5 455 shares of Invalda LT and 4 545 shares of Invalda Privatus Kapitalas.

Shareholders with shares held in accounts at banks or financial brokerage firms may contact their financial intermediary for information regarding the precise number of their shares.