Business model redesign in 2014

In order to redesign its business model in accord with classic asset management principles and focus on asset management activities as the main source of the company’s revenue, Invalda INVL in 2014 split-off the companies INVL Baltic Farmland, INVL Baltic Real Estate and INVL Technology. On 21 March 2014, Invalda INVL published the terms for the split-off of INVL Baltic Farmland, INVL Baltic Real Estate and INVL Technology, which would seek closed-end investment company licenses from the Bank of Lithuania.
In splitting-off the companies, shareholders of Invalda INVL retained a portion of the capital of the new companies proportionate to the number of shares held. The distribution of Invalda INVL’s assets, equity and liabilities after the split-offs was as follows (calculated at book values):
Invalda INVL INVL Baltic Farmland INVL Baltic Real Estate INVL Technology
52.05 per cent 14.45 per cent 30.9 per cent 2.6 per cent
Documents related to terms of the split-offs from Invalda INVL: